Lucky Snail's Winter Gift Guide 2022

Here, Lucky Snail and I share some of our favorite gift ideas for the special ones in your life.


For The One Who Takes Cream and Sugar
I am so pleased to share this gem with you! I purchased a set of Loriesglass swizzle sticks in the summer and have enjoyed both using them to stir my coffee and admiring them in their jar on the window sill nearly every day since then. I love the concept and the execution. Loriesglass has different shapes and color combinations available, and they'd make a wonderfully beautiful, thoughtful gift.



For The One Who's Young (or Young at Heart)
Lego holds a huge place in my heart, and when I stumbled upon Monica's shop, she had an instant customer. I love these playful, whimsical little 1x1 studs, and they came packaged ready to give as a gift. Definitely check out BubbleBricks808



For The One With The Glasses
I'm sorry for the pun there. It is challenging for me to say enough nice things about BayouGlassArts. I own three necklaces that Contina made, and some of the things I love about them include the craftsmanship and uniqueness, as well as Contina's customer service. My first purhcase years ago was a pressed flower glass heart. Then I received the cool kaleidoscope necklace (thanks Mom <3). Most recently I purchased the magnifier. They are magnificent. All of the stars.


For The One In The Shower
RedBudSuds is a small business with a humongous less-is-more environmental ethos. I really appreciate Red Bud's attention to sourcing ingredients and their commitment to environmental protection. RedBud's 4-in-1 bar is quite popular, and serves as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shave soap. I am especially partial to Citrus Sunshine, which I first received as a gift, and to their unscented bar.



For The One Who Sews
So, because of my line of work, I buy a lot of zippers. Jennie and her team hit it out of the park with customer service, selection, and quality of products every single time. If you know someone who sews, the very least you can do is make sure they know about Zipit. And an awesome gift would be a big bag of new zips.



For The One With The Big Imagination
Sometimes self care can look like a massive gorgeous plush whale. The divine fabrics, the beautiful eyes, the careful attention to detail--all things that make BigStuffed notable. You will find so many sea creatures and dinos in a couple of sizes and a variety of comfy, neutral colors. And... my whale's name is Olivette.




For The One Who Hosts
The Always Pan changed our kitchen for the better. We bought our pan from Our Place a couple of years ago (and we bought another one not long after as a gift!), and it has a permanent home on our stovetop. Not only is it a beautiful piece of cookware, I feel good about how it was made and what it was made out of. You know those videos of fried eggs that just slide around the pan? Yes, you can do that with this pan.



For The One With The Art Supplies
A little plug for an old favorite of mine, the JKindDesign Pencil Bag. I have so many markers, and I take them with me often. My favorite marker bag is one of this style. Deceptive in its apparent proportions, this bag can hold literally tens of pens! And as with many JKindDesign bags, this one grows ever softer with time. It's a win for any lover of writing utensils. Or crochet hooks. Or paint brushes. You get the idea.